Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Washington Times/Zogby Poll - October 2, 2012

Likely Voter, 800 voter sample, Obama leads 50-41, 9% undecided.

Seriously, Washington Times must be desperate to get in on the polling game to have picked Zogby.  As usual, Zogby's results differ from everyone else's.  There are some real eye opening results contained in the internals that make me scratch my head and say WTF?  We start with the sample which at a D/R/I of 37/34/29 isn't too far out of the realm of possibility.  But then we go into the actual results and things get weird.  11% of Republicans are supporting Obama, 7% self described conservatives voting for Obama, voters believe Obama will do better on jobs and the economy by 5 points, and Independents favor Obama by 13 points.

What can I say, it's Zogby.

The turnout models give the following results:

O+9 - Current result
O+9.0 - 2008 turnout
O+4.0 - 2010 turnout
O+4.0 - 2004 turnout
O+2.5 - Rasmussen Party ID

Needless to say, this poll will balance the National Journal one in the poll averages tomorrow.

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