Monday, October 22, 2012

Wash Times/Zogby Poll - October 22, 2012

Likely Voter, 800 sample size, Obama leads 50-47, 3% undecided.

Unlike all of the other polls recently, Zogby provides some good news for Obama.  The D/R/I sample for this poll is a not terrible 37/35/28.  Independents favor Romney by 7 points.  Which makes you really wonder about these results.  The only way you can get to these results is if significantly more Republicans support Obama than Democrats support Romney.

What can I say, it's Zogby.

Putting the results into the reweighting models we get the following:

O+3 - Current result
O+5.4 - 2008 turnout model
O+2.8 - D+3 turnout model
O+0.5 - 2010 turnout model
O+0.5 - 2004 turnout model
R+1.2 - Rasmussen Party ID

Well, at least is gives the Democrats some hope.  I'm sure they were getting pretty depressed.  Of course, pinning your hopes on Zogby being right is not where I would want to be.

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