Saturday, October 13, 2012

By request

I've opened up commenting so I don't have to moderate.  As long as I don't get any abuse, I'd prefer to leave it that way.

So far everyone has been nice and polite, the way I like it.


  1. Dave, new PPP poll released tonight was just out of this world! I can not believe early voting is O up 76-24, Please review and share your thoughts!

  2. It's crap. It makes statements that are provably impossible. CAC has a good takedown of it on the front page of this morning.

    There have been reports that PPP, being a Dem pollster, will adjust their results when asked to by the Obama campaign. They don't do it a lot, since they need to keep a level of credibility, but when OFA really needs something, they will provide it. They have done this about 3 other times in this campaign so far.

    The thing to remember of about Ohio is that Obama made FL, OH, and WI their firewalls. They could lose all the other Red states from 2008, but not those. Florida is now lost, so they must hold OH and WI. If they lose either, they likely lose the election. Romney on the other hand has many paths to victory without Ohio, although with Ohio he wins.

    The PPP poll is manufactured to produce the illusion that Obama is winning Ohio handily. He isn't, all evidence, and my Ohio reweights, show Romney is winning that state.