Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm still working numbers, but...

I can tell you where fraud occurred if it did.  There are only 1 county where Romney under performed McCain significantly.

Miami-Dade - 92% of McCain - 28,949 vote drop

In all other counties, Romney hit at least 97% of McCain's numbers. He exceeded them by a lot in other counties St. Johns and Sumter were up 113% and 132% respectively.


  1. Random thoughts on Miami-Dade: lots of Cuban-Americans, who favored Romney per Pew; home to Marco Rubio; big Jewish population; Michelle Obama visited college campus there in past week; big population of trendy young globalist types? Hurricane sympathy?

    1. Nope. Floridians laugh at people who freak out about hurricanes.

      Jews over performed for Romney compared to 2008.

  2. Are you going to share your numbers or concerns with anyone?

  3. Given Romneys many advantages over McCain, he should have blown McCains numbers away. The fact that it seems in so many counties Romney performed just like McCain despite a 12 point increase among Independents points out the fraud.

  4. Dave -

    No matter what the reason for discrepancies, the bottom line is that there needs to be a vote verification system in place, that routinely samples the voter base, post-election.
    With high-tech machines proliferating, the possibilities for
    widespread fraud increases substantially.
    Ronald Reagan said it best - "trust but verify".

  5. Wow, just read some of your blogs. You really are stupid, or you're just pandering to those who are to make yourself seem important.

    Citizen reporter, I think not.