Sunday, November 4, 2012

A couple videos to get you pumped up

When the story of this campaign is written there will be two points where the tide turned and Romney became the 45th president.

The first was in Denver, in the first debate.  That was when we learned that we could trust him, we could believe in him, that he had what it takes to be President.

The second was Red Rocks.  That was where he learned he could believe in us.  That we would be the movement he needs to win.

RDBrewer at Ace reworked the official Red Rocks video with a more uplifting soundtrack

Here is the original

Finally, a new one the campaign released today from the Friday rally in Ohio

Two more days until it is our turn.


  1. Thanks, Dave, for the great videos and all the work you've done. If we lose, it won't be Romney's fault. It will be the people who bought the Obama claptrap--they will have lost the whole darned country for all of us. Difference is, we know it and they don't...yet.

  2. Great videos, thanks a lot.

    BTW, Drudge took down those Gallup numbers and some poster said Gallup isn't releasing new numbers until tomorrow.

    Do you suspect those were wrong and misleading or that Drudge got a tip and released them too soon?

    My guess is that for accuracy's sake they are still conducting polling today and that that's why they won't release until tomorrow, but what do I know. Answer: nuttin'.

  3. Gallup said a few days ago that they weren't releasing a 4-day poll until Monday.

  4. WTH .. gallup battleground tied at 48-48 .. R was up 50-46 before.

    oh man, my ulcers are flaring up

    1. Given how screwy the polls have been, at this point I'm going to wait until Tuesday to find out the real deal. But, for comfort, even polls where Obama is ahead, he still hasn't broken the 50% barrier (IIRC).

    2. true .. i need something to get some sleep till tue night

    3. Classical music puts me right out. Not sure if it'd work over the course of 48 hours, but who knows...

    4. Also, I would take heart in the reaction, not to mention crowd sizes, Romney has been getting. 20k-35k (depending on who you talk to) in Pennsylvania, 30k in Ohio plus the crowd in Colorado (can't recall how many but it was I think at least 10k).

      People are listening and he is getting through the media BS.